July 11 2003 8:46 AM (NJ time)

Hey hey! I'm back, jetlag of course, woke up at like 6 and wandered around the house as quietly as possible. then conked out on the couch a little, but then i took out my laptop, so its ok. last night i went to the rec center thing with alice and bria, it was like 4 in the morning in switzerland when i went. too bad it wasnt at the pool...it was a lot suckier and like no one was there (even tho when i asked alice she said EVERYONE was gonna be there) and it didnt even rain. o and the bathrooms had like an issue so we had to walk to the town hall to go to the bathroom. talk bout messed. i hope u people never hav to drag me to a party the day i come back with six hours of jetlag. my flight was kewl, watched shanghai knights lol i love the part where they bob their heads. i listened to cantonese music for like a second...talk about weird. i'll probably ask people to the pool next week, might go to the movies with alice and bria and my mom. anywaaay, i look like a fool in the cty pics, specially the second one that chris sent me. o and chris congrats...hehe. i took like over 200 pics, might show u guys...o and if u come to the pool next week, i'll bring a box of chocolate from switzerland. cyall lata ~ Domie/Louie/Lil Becky

June 30 4:28 PM Zurich time, 10:28 AM NJ time

Hey everyone. i feel so lackadaisical today.. can barely keep up a good fast typing speed. its hot again, and i forgot to put my hair in a ponytail...you definitely do not want 25 inches of dark hair down your back when its hot out. yesterday i went to the people's house that i went to last Saturday, with their 13 year old daughter who is chinese, like her mother. we had raclette (pronounced rocklet kind of) that is this mini ovenlike contraption with a top where you can cool your little individual pans when you're eating and then the bottom is where you melt the special Swiss cheese, with toppings like onion, garlic, pineapple (hehe), and bacon in the pan. i put some paprika on too, mm, it was sooooo good melted... greg a would hav loved it. its not exactly fondue. and then the apple ice cream....omb sooo good. anyway, i watched the matrix (1) with their daughter, then went swimming in the lake again, but it was really rocky, and both of us cut ourselves. she got like a chunk of rock stuck in it and it bled so much. mine was just a bloody cut, but its already healed, so no need to worry if you are. anyway, cyall lata ~ Louie/Domie/Lil Becky

June 29 2:10 PM Zurich time, 8:10 AM NJ time

HEY EVERYONE! its getting hotter here, which means more mosquitos, which means more pain, which means more annoyance, which means more temper... well you get the picture. yesterday went to Luzern (Lucerne), really cute town (note how i dont say little, even tho its not that big) with its lake and by Mount Pilatus. Strolled across bridge with old water tower first, had paintings near roof and people playing music, violins and keyboard. Then visited an old, beautiful church, but a wedding reception was being held. Bought some postcards, but im still working on souvenirs and presents for all u people...depending on if u requested or if we are on amiable terms. saw absolutely awesome lion sculpture, could really see the details carved in the lions face and mane in petrified rock, even the shield and cave. it was the luzerner festival yesterday, lots of balloons, food stands (ate a very good hotdog that strangely had only one slice of bread and only mustard, no ketchup) and er.. rock bands that weren't the best. took a boat later on, OMB, scenery was completely gorgeous. then the Burgenstock, this cute little railway car that has tilted seats while you go up the steep side of the mountain. climbed for 20 minutes, took the Hammetschwand lift, the largest outdoor lift in Europe, and had ice cream at the top. i do so love european ice cream cones, the banana split, chocolate, and fraise/erdbeer (strawberry) extreme cones are o soooooo good. came down the mountain, took boat and train and came back to good ol' zurich. i watched wimbledon last night..go agassi, the guy he was playing against lacked in mental control, the number of times he threw his racket...go ferrero too, hes kewl, and henman won and so did nalbandian. havent see ur darling Andy Roddick yet alice. anyway, cyall lata ~ Domie/Louie/Lil Becky

Lol, i guess my dad was never really serious bout that restriction of checkin email every 3 days. NONE OF YOU BESIDES KEN HAS EMAILED ME OVER THIS WEEKEND. I feel so alone :(. anyway, went to Luzern yesterday, boat, festival, walked round city and castle, the whole lot, very fun. its getting hotter here again. cyall later,


my dad is grumbling bout how he'll only let me check my email once every three days cuz i spend too much time on it. so i mite not reply in a while, plz email me if u were intending to, i do so love hearing the news from home. retriction might be lifted, lol, so dont fret ur heads bout it. anyway, ttyl, cya


HEY HEY HEY! my good ol' (i mean young) mother sent me a joke link in case i was bored, so i pass them on.

http://www.laughlab.co.uk/topByCountry.html (i like the canadian and german ones, the US weasel thing is er... messed up)

http://www.laughlab.co.uk/second.html (i personally think this one is better than the winner, yah alice, this one is holmes and watson, so i wont giv u that winner one link, but u can check it out at the bottom on the link clicky thing, yah my terminology is sooooo superior)

have fun in taiwan, hilary! and u people can email me anytime, u know... i miss contact with my social life.


June 26 2:19 PM Zurich time, 8:19 AM NJ time

I am sore, better than last night but sore. last nite i was gonna fall on my beautiful facial features lol (reminds me of alice talking), i was sore from the back down, and i was dripping with sweat. but dinner i must say, was worth the sore three hour hike thru the swiss countryside with the math department at the ETH, not to mention the day befores three hour hike from the mountains down in Uetliberg. the ice cream cake with berry and vanilla was heavely, and the dessert buffet and salad were the best. it was in a castle too, renovated of course. flies are annoying lol. the day before yesterday i went to get a really awesome view of zurich from this tower, then took the planetary walk and went down the steep side of the mountain before finding out that i could take the cable car. but we took it anyway, both ways. the rivella drink here is really good, and i adore sparkling lemonade. its cooler here now, as in temperature, yesterday was way too hot. the cleaning lady is in our apartment today, she comes once a week. i wish i could watch wimbledon, but we've been coming home to late everyday, so i watch soccer instead. GO FRANCE yah, they beat new zealand 5-0. anyway, catch all you wildcats lata ~ Domie/Louie/Lil Becky

June 23 Zurich time 8:25, NJ time 2:25

Didnt go anywhere today, stayed in the office to catch up on my reading and studying and emailing. i didnt really have lunch, but im not hungry... hmm weird isnt it? i read half of Gone with the Wind, skipped the middle, couldnt resist going to the end. i agree with alice that Scarlett is quite despicable, for all her greed and cruelty toward Rhett, poor guy who loved her so much. Well, u cant help feeling a bit srry for her when she realizes that she doesnt give bout ashley anymore and melly dies, cuz by then rhett is all worn out. i think she gets him back in the sequel, but im not sure. but i agree, malevra, she is the near death and complete drunkeness of Rhett Butler, and that is really really uncool. besides, clark gable is much handsomer than the ashley person in the movie. i read this science book... found out that some nail polish remover stuff is in orange juice... anyway, how r all u punks doing? i slightly miss a lot of u guys, deranged and annoying as u can be. i dont laugh half as much without u people driving me insane. anyway, im listening to my father and some other mathematicians droning on about all these things like lambda and Ricci flows and curvatures with these weird figures. so cya later wildcats. ttfn, ttyl perhaps ~ Domie/Louie/Lil becky

June 22 Zurich time 8:46, NJ time 2:46

Hey! it is sooooooooooooo hot here, but at least i hav my hydro system bite valve backpack lol. its really nice, yesterday i went to another person's house, they really keep up with fashions here, and their daughter jenny changed like 3 shirts in one day. went swimming in the lake yesterday too, very warm and deep, then took a boat ride today. i wish they would open the windows, its way too hot. watched a polo match today too ENGLAND WON AGAINST ITALY ... not that i hav anything against italy, its just well... GO ENGLAND lol. it was the lancia polo cup in the haptbanhoff, the train station, pretty awesome. i saw lots of axe deoderant ads, made me remember all u punks at home. cant wait to go to chocolate factory later this week, as a chocoholic, and then mite go to Jungfraujoch in the mountains or Luzern, by the lake. german is kewl, but i cant speak it... anyway, better go now, sweating like a pig, cya punks lata! Ciao! ~ Domie/Louie/Lil Becky

June 20, 2003 5:53 Zurich time, 11:53 NJ time

So im in zurich now, the plane flight was nice and everything, guy sitting beside me gave me cream savers. i hate airplane food, the cheese in my lasagna was like SOGGY! I MEAN SERIOUSLY! anyway, i got here in the morning, met my dad, bought a yogurt drink. i luv european yogurt drinks, theyre the same in germany and france. everyone here speaks german, but a lot speak english too. the train station so reminds me of Germany. chicken breast is like 15 swiss francs per pound, zurich is like a really expensive city. Do they make capris for guys? i saw like three guys wearing like capris. the apartment is really nice, my room is really cute, and ive like fallen in love with my desk. i couldn't find the refridgerator at first, it was camouflaged, how dumb can i get. and then i had to realize that there were two different bathrooms because i couldnt find the toilet lol. anyway, i dont hav a phone connection or computer tho but i come to the office, the ETH. anyway, talk to all u wildcats later, cyall ~ Domie for everyone, Louie for some, Lil Becky for others, Undomiel for uno

June 19 2003 2:19 P.M.

Doing some last minute packing and goodbyes... ugh i cant find some of my necklaces. my flight is later in the evening. i wish theyd let me fly by myself without the other people and flight attendants. theyre never any fun anymore. all they do is say wat a lovely name i have and then like take me off the plane. they dont even take me into the cockpit anymore, and its not like i cant take care of myself. airplane food is bad, the only thing i like is the lasagna. and i had morrocan food last nite. the movies are ok, cuz at least everytime i fly solo they giv me earphones without having to pay. i hav like ten of them. i'll miss most of u guys, my sistas of course lol. the disco is weird. i dont type as fast as ant anway. if u need to contact me, either wait until i go aim express (which i hate cuz it has limited services) or email me, or if ur realllllllllllly bored, write me. but then again, u dont hav my address there yet. i mite tell some people later on. anyway, ttfn, ~ Domie/Domyra/Louie/Lil' Becky