This page will tell you a little about emulation and give you some decent links to some good sites for emulation and downloading ROMs and emulators.

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The place I got the N64 emulator was at http://www.pj64.net in the downloads section. I recommend that you download the "mirror" download of Project64 v1.5. I really don't know what the difference is between mirror and local, but I told everyone else I sent this e-mail to, to download the "mirror" version, and the emulator worked for them.

The following list is a list of N64 sites where you can download the ROMs. I spent over 7 hours searching for them, so you should be very grateful that I am giving them to you and that you don't need to search for them.

[Edit (12-21-09): Warning: lots of dead links below.]
http://www.mariconda.com/Michael/gamesnes.htm (SNES ROMs site)

Some of the downloads at some of the sites don't work, but don't think that just because one download doesn't work, all the others won't work either. If you have Project 64 Version 1.5, then if you go to "Help" on the menu bar and click on "User Manual", you can see all the games that they offer cheats for. Also, check out http://www.pj64.net for further information. Most of the games I have work decently. Here's a list of the games I have and some comments about them:

-Gauntlet Legends (Haven't even started playing it yet, but I have verified that it works; very laggy)
-Diddy Kong Racing (Doesn't work)
-WCW Wrestling (Played it once, never played it again)
-All Star Tennis 99 (Played it once, never played it again)
-Mario Tennis (replays are messed up, some of the courts are messed up to)
-Starfox 64 (Tested it out, it is fine, the only thing is that you have to adjust your "C" buttons so that you have easy access to them in order to do the flips and stuff)
-Goldeneye (Aztec Temple graphics are messed up, can get very laggy on some stages, especially in the rooms where there are a lot of soldiers)
-Super Smash Brothers (Excellent!)
-Banjo Kazooie (Can't find anything wrong with this game except that it gets very laggy at times)
-The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (very slow when changing between game play and start menu)
-1080 Snowboarding (Great!)
-International Soccer (There's a lot of stuff put in at the beginning, so it's very confusing and looks complex. You got to figure out how the game works, and it is really fun to play multiplayer with.)
-Bomberman 64 (Great game, great graphics, but SUCKS because it doesn't support multiplayer)
-Tony Hawk Pro Skater (The levels appear very dark on the computer, I don't really like it, 1080 Snowboarding appeals to me much more)
-Battletanx (Weird game... I don't get it)
-Mario 64 (Best game that I have that was made in 1997)
-Super Mario Kart (Great racing game, makes for fun multiplayer)

Even though this is the best N64 emulator ever made, no emulator will ever compare to the actual system - the real N64 counsel. I have downloaded over 290,000,000 bytes of games. The emulator was only 495 bytes. All the half-decent games took at least 45 minutes to download. Generally speaking, for every 5 megabytes, it takes approximately 30-45 minutes to donwload on a 56k modem. I doubt there is a perfect ROM with no glitches that you can find that can also run perfectly on Project 64 v1.5, but most of the games I have run decently, with minor problems. The games can be very laggy at times, too. The replays and some of the courts in Mario Tennis are screwed up. Most of the games have laggy sound, bad graphics, and sometimes slow scences, but these small problems don't really take away from all the fun that these ROMs offer. I have had so much fun playing these ROMs, that these problems are as minor to me as the significance of the weight of paper clip is to the whole planet earth. I have spent over 24 hours downloaded ROMs, and I estimate that I have experienced over 120 hours of fun from emulation. Sometimes after I spend like 2 hours downloading a game, the game doesn't even work! You can just guess how frustrating that must be. But I guarantee that you will have more successful downloads than unsuccessful ones. Also, chances are, if you can even download the game, I mean just see it start downloading, 95% of the time, the game will come out alright.

That's it for N64 ROMs and emulators information. If you want, I can get you information on SNES and NES emulation as well. And if you are still interested in the crappy, old, and junky Nintendo and its puny graphics, you can check out http://www.theoldcomputer.com/, which I believe has every single Nintendo ROM ever created. SNES and NES emulation is a great deal easier to find than N64 emulation, and I believe I have saved you a great deal of wasted time searching for ROMs by giving you all this information. Please send a e-mail message back to me at erwaman@mindspring.com if you have any comments, want to thank me, or aren't completely satisfied with what I have provided you. Talk to me at school if you can. You can also Instant Message me through AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) through the screen names VoldemortSuper or ErwaJocker.