This is Alice Kim's Web-Based Writer's Portfolio. It was posted and designed by Anthony Hsu (Erwaman). This is the first polished piece.

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First Marking Period

Chapter 1 ~ The Slippers

     Thirteen year-old Emily Javenson flew down the stairs and grabbed her backpack. Her golden retriever, Biscuit, scampered to her side, expecting a pat on the head. Emily ignored Biscuit and ran out the door. The dog sat on the driveway, his head cocked and ears bent, waiting for a belly rub.

     The dog followed her school bus all the way to Greenville Middle School. After reporting to the main office, Emily sprinted to her first period class, Physical Education. She raced to the gym with Biscuit stealthily tagging along. Emily flung open the door and skidded inside; she looked like a person participating in a marathon. She ran to her locker and tried the combination. Her locker jammed.

     "Come on, come on,” Emily panted, her forehead creasing in annoyance. She banged on the locker with anger and frustration. After the third try, the locker finally shuddered and opened, revealing her crumpled gym clothes stashed in the corner.

     “Yes!” Emily gave a shout of glee as she quickly dressed. With a groan of dismay, she realized she forgot her sneakers. Nevertheless, Emily still liked gym, and fervently prayed that her teacher ignore her three-inch slippers.

     Emily burst out of the locker room into the gym. Everyone whirled their heads in her direction while doing jumping jacks. She smiled nonchalantly at them and even waved to some. Her observant teacher, tall and burly, noticed her outrageous shoes and raised his eyebrows. Emily saw this look and went over to Coach Wollops.

     “Coach, I forgot my sneakers today,” Emily explained in a weak voice.

     “I saw,” replied her teacher drily, looking down at her shoes. “Sit on the bleachers during this class. You receive a 0 for this, you know.”

     “Yes, Coach Wollops.” Emily turned away from her teacher and rolled her eyes. She walked over to the bleachers and sat down. Ten minutes through the class, her teacher called her over.

     “Emily, I changed my mind. Run while I time you on my stopwatch. OK? Ready, get set-”

     “Wait!” Emily interrupted desperately. She bent down and tightened the buckles on her slippers. She then stood up and wobbled slightly.


     Emily ran like the wind, but halfway through the course something terrible happened. Emily tripped over her three-inch shoes. The slippers flew off and landed in the far corner of the gym room. She stumbled and fell on her rear end. Emily rolled like a barrel to the other side of the room. She stopped tumbling at last and lay sprawled like a helpless bug on its back. She stared at the ceiling in disbelief.

     At that moment, the stunned class laughed and clapped. Emily learned long ago from another personal experience that laughing always saved you from an embarrassing moment. She got up and laughed with them, her cheeks flaming red. Meanwhile, her dog Biscuits, witnessed her falling with an evil glint in his eye.


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