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Welcome to Erwaman's website!
HELLO! Welcome to my website!
CAN YOU READ THIS? If you can, you don't need glasses. If you are wearing glasses right now, it means you don't need stronger lenses. YOU BUTTNUGGET!! HI!
How you doin'?
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In the "Authorized Access Only" section, the username is Erwaman and the password is magic. Both are case-sensitive.

If you want to see the coding for this webpage, click "View" at the top of this screen, and then click "Source."

Move your mouse over the underlined phrase "Place your mouse here!" below, but don't click it. Don't be a fool I tell you. Listen to me, DON'T CLICK IT. Look down at the status bar at the bottom of the screen while your mouse is over the underlined phrase.

Place your mouse here!

Pretty cool, eh?

This is BOLD. This is underlined. This is italicized. This is everything.