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12:20 AM, February 16, 2004 - Well... it's a day after Valentine's Day and a little into the next day... and well, of course I didn't have a valentine, but's that's alright, I'm not too heartbroken or upset. It's normal for me. After all, I'm not exactly the romantic type, nor am I the flirtatious kind or the person who's into a love life. Anyways, I've decided to post my SIG (Summer Institute for the Gifted) stuff from my Buddy Profile [dead link] onto my website. Part of the reason I did this is because I want to be sure that if Buddy Profile suddenly closes down [it did], I'll have a backup copy [um...never made a backup copy] of all the stuff I typed. It would be such a shame to let all that stuff go to waste. Also, now that I've finally decided to put the SIG stuff on my website, I'm going to have unlimited space to type, and I might finally add [never gonna happen] those final subpages I promised of my Buddy Profile [dead link].