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Second Marking Period

Call of the Wild: Chapter One

     Hyineth sniffed the carcass lying on the blood-drenched snow. She growled in approval as the other wolves beat their tails on the ground appreciatively, waiting for her to begin eating. They were in awe of this powerful Alpha leader, and would not fill their empty stomachs until she was satisfied.

     The female wolf finished her examination of the dead deer, and suddenly plunged into its side, devouring the meat and bathing her muzzle in blood. She emerged from the corpse’s ribs, running over her lips with her raw bumpy tongue.

     “Not bad, fellows,” Hyineth commented huskily to the others. They bowed their heads in respect.

     Salamikra, a male dog, looked up and answered, “It took us the whole morning to bring it down. We all wanted you to eat the very best.”

     “How kind of you. This time, I’ll let you have the throat, Salamikra.”

     “Thank you.”

     “Just make sure you’ll do even better next time.”

     “Oh, I will, I will.”


     The male dog straightened his back with pride. None were allowed to eat the throat except the Alpha.

     Hyineth knelt and engulfed herself once more in food. She loved the savagery and cruelty of her nature. An hour later, Hyineth left her position to bask in the cold winter sun, while the lowly wolves dove upon the discarded leftovers, viciously tearing and ripping the limbs apart.

     “’Ey, ‘ey!” A high-pitched male voice pierced the frosty air. “Ver iz dat dug? Hyineth, cum here! Zer never wuz a mad wulf like hur. She iz a born troublemaker, she iz.”

     Thick leather boots pulled up to the thigh appeared under the thick curtain of fir trees embracing the frozen river bank, as Martolli, the dog team musher, crunched through the snow towards the pile of famished wolves and Hyineth. His whip cracked the silent frozen air, as whimpering dogs scattered from the now bone-dry skeleton lying on the ice. Hyineth, however, sprung up before the whip touched her, fur bristling and teeth bared. Her lithe blue-gray body pulsed with iron-hard muscles, she smelled like terror and death, and all heard her fiery snorting breath whistling out of her black nostrils. She was indignant and angry that her leadership was being questioned. Hyineth hated her master, especially when he let his whip command his orders.

     Martolli seemed undisturbed by this action, since he had seen worse behaved dogs. He merely snapped his whip sharply and kicked the Alpha to the front of the sled. Hyineth lowered her head in shame and broken dignity. Martolli clambered back to the sleigh and broke the ice-coated runners. He made sure everything was packed and checked the rations and supplies. All was set.

     “Vell, you mangy mutts,” he called out cheerfully, oblivious to the fact that he was barely heard through all the snarling and snapping before him. “I ezpect yoo all to vurk hard. Vee hav a long vay ahead. Vee are right now .3 miles vest of Lake Vun. Vee must go ezzatly vun mile northvest, zen two more miles to Triangle Lake. I hup yoo are all healzy and fit. Mush!”

     The frozen stiff knotted whip sounded once again, and all nine dogs leapt into the air and sped, racing and yelping, toward the cold white horizon with the sun staring blankly after them.


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