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A Writer’s Field Trip Through Hanover Township

3.      An eyesore, of course, is an unattractive area that stands out. My family and I believe that the old paper mill down Eden Lane is most certainly an eyesore. This paper mill has no address. It merely stands on a small clearing off the road. This mill is a completely forgotten place that has been neglected for years. It first started in the mid-80’s and closed down in 1960. For over 40 years it has remained abandoned and uncared for. Although it is evident that this particular paper mill took on an important role in Hanover Township before, it has slowly become a ghastly sight. The Eden Lane paper mill has definitely seen better days.

6.     Something that is being repaired right now is the road that winds around the Bee Meadow playgrounds. The path leading to the playgrounds is only one-way, so cars cannot turn back on it. The only possible way to exit the playgrounds is the right turn into the trees near the white wooden pavilion. If you look to your left as soon as you go up the one-way road and enter the parking lot, there is a large construction site with a dirt road. My family and I feel that this dirt road will soon be paved and become anther easier exit from the playgrounds, since it is more convenient for houses that are far away from the other exit. The construction is so far going smoothly and making rapid progress. We hope that the road will turn out to be an exit after all, to make everyone’s lives a little less complicated.

9.     Many Hanover Township citizens display proper etiquette to be role models for others. Having manners affects the curse of one’s day, from flashing a simple heartfelt smile to giving someone a present they deserve. I was brought up in my family to show as much affection and care to others as possible. At the dinner table, we always begin and end our requests with “Please” and “Thank you.” Some families also acknowledge different religions, which I think is an action showing faith, tolerance, and respect.

     I witness many acts of kindness of teenagers giving up seats for tired old businessmen or elderly folk. The older generation has such biased opinions of teenagerss that they are careless, inconsiderate, and never satisfied with anything. This small but significant act probably made the businessmen and the elderly change their opinion of teenagers.

     School is a place for constant taunting, teasing, and roughhousing. Students often think that this behavior is meant to be taken lightly, but that is certainly not the case with the person being teased. It is nice once in a while to see a person put a comforting arm around the shoulder of a troubled friend. Although this action does not happen everyday, I am sure that a teased person clearly remembers the small gesture of kindness their friend did.

10.     Citing examples of rudeness and uncaring is unfortunately a very easy thing to do. Whenever I go by small, sprawling apartments and ratty stores, I always see graffiti and paint splattered on the walls. Graffiti is a symbol of hate, forgetfulness, and cruelty. To be the owner of a house with paint splashed on the sides would bring shame and inferiority to my family.

11.     A very bizarre and yet wonderful sight of Hanover Township would be how people always cover up their dogs, cats, and even birds in winter sweaters and spring clothes. It is very bizarre in how pet owners are so obsessed as to buy miniature human clothing to dress their animals. Weren’t pets born with fur to naturally keep themselves warm without any need of coats and turtlenecks?

     However, it is also wonderful to see these poor wool covered pets waddle along the sidewalk, since it shows how much they are loved by their owners. I laugh silently to myself as I see these uncomfortable animals come out every season with a different wardrobe, since it is truly a heartwarming sign.

12.      I sat for fifteen minutes on my porch to see how keen my senses were. During my fifteen minutes, I noticed many things I had not noticed before. I heard the happy chirping of birds and the busy crunching from the teeth of the hungry rabbits who often visit our garden out front. The rustling of the patriarchal oak trees and scattering of dry old mud-brown leaves caught my attention. The sour, almost manure-like odor of the white blossoming pears drifted in the tap-dancing breeze, as my nostrils caught scent of the golden sweet nectar the busy buzzing bees transported to and fro. For the first time in weeks, I felt as if I truly belonged in this place of natural harmony and happiness. All of my stress seemed wiped away as I breathed in the crisp spring air. I never felt so peaceful and at ease this month.